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Kabuu Video Downloader

Kabuu Video Downloader

    Kabuu Video Downloader is a multithreaded video and audio downloader for YouTube....

Kabuu Audio Converter

Kabuu Audio Converter

    Kabuu Audio Converter is a multithreaded audio converter and extractor. It can co...

Kabuu InstSaver

Kabuu InstSaver

    Kabuu InstSaver is a batch Instagram photo and video downloader. Just copy the In...


Program Updates

    • Title: 1.0.5 Kabuu Video Downloader
    • Date: 04/17/2021 00:08:18
    • Change log:
      • Add: 4K Video download
      • Upd: FFmpeg binary
    • Title: 1.0.4 Kabuu Video Downloader
    • Date: 11/15/2020 18:50:23
    • Change log:

      -Fix: Could not update youtube-dl

    • Title: 1.0.3 Kabuu Video Downloader
    • Date: 07/05/2020 13:50:37
    • Change log:

      -Add: Proxy settings
      -Fix: Some videos could not be added with "Unable to get title" error
      -Fix: Could not show some video thumbnails with "Jpeg error #53"
      -Fix: Import/Export was not working
      -Add: Skin

    • Title: 1.1.0 Kabuu Audio Converter
    • Date: 05/31/2020 00:57:25
    • Change log:

      Added: Support for embedding artwork for formats supporting it
      Added: Advanced options window
      Added: Advanced option to specify custom parameters to ffmpeg
      Added: Advanced option to select Advanced Audio Encoding output file extension
      Added: Post encode options
      Added: Option to check updates in Help menu
      Added: Change log option to Help menu
      Added: Program will delete logs older than one week
      Fixed: Drag&droping files and folders did not update last opened directory
      Added: Program will user Vista+ folder open dialog when possible
      Added: Program will accept parameters as files and folders