About Kabuusoft

     Kabuusoft was founded in 2018 in order to create easy to use multimedia freeware in Ankara, Turkey. We are a small team, consisting of two developers.

     Currently, we are working on delivering our users with high quality and easy to use software. Our greatest joys are appreciation from our users and thrill of implementing new feature requests.

     We have combined close to 20 years of programming experience, which includes, but not limited to, working on geographic information system (GIS) and military grade e-signature solutions and more.

     We hate bundles in the software we use. So there is no place for them in our software. Everything we deliver is guaranteed to be clean and safe. If you wish to support us however, you can make a donation using bitcoin. We appreciate your contribution.

     You can always contact us at info [at] kabuusoft.com or through the form in contacts page.